In the game of hockey, people enjoy a lot as it is a fast paced game

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In comparison to other composite sticks these sticks are relatively inexpensive. With a shaft and replaceable blades they come in one piece or two piece sticks.

85% of NHL players uses these sticks now days’.In the game of hockey, people enjoy a lot as it is a fast paced game. Many companies also offer custom made hockey sticks for the players. In comparison to wooden sticks, these composite sticks are much lighter and more flexible but are more expensive. In comparison to wood, these hockey sticks are stronger and lighter than wood and fiberglass but not as strong or as light as graphite and Kevlar. Since this game is very fast paced and the ball comes at a fast speed towards the goal post, the goal keeper needs lot of protective padding besides hockey goal keeping equipments like chest guards, groin protectors, padded shorts, heavily padded hand protectors, neck guards, arm guards they wear extensive additional protective equipment, etc. In a hockey team there are various team members and a goal keeper.

These days’ a variety of hockey sticks are available. These sticks can also be modified by cutting down the shaft, sanding the blade etc. The shafts are of these types of hockey sticks are made entirely of aluminum and replaceable wooden. For the purpose of comfort, these modifications allow one to customize the hockey stick. These sticks are also the weakest and heaviest while at the same time they are the least expensive of composite sticks. The only drawback of this hockey stick is that it tends to break easier and is heavier and stiffer than other hockey sticks like composite brands. Though expensive, Kevlar sticks are one of Aluminized pet film Manufacturers the strongest and lightweight on the market.

Titanium In most ways to Kevlar sticks, these sticks are similar in most ways except titanium sticks are usually not mixed with any other materials. The work of a goal keeper requires lot of dedication and concentration. There are many types of composite hockey sticks like-

Fiberglass Reinforced by fiberglass wrapping or coating, fiberglass sticks are generally wooden sticks and they can be modified like a wooden stick.

. After using them for a longer duration, wooden hockey may also bend or warp.

Aluminum The first popular non-wood sticks to hit the market were aluminum sticks. Wooden sticks are the most popular, common and cheap on the market.

Kevlar Like graphite sticks, to form a stick, Kevlar may be mixed with another material or used on its own. In comparison to fiberglass and aluminum, graphite is more expensive but less expensive than Kevlar and titanium.

Graphite To reinforce or coat wooden sticks, graphite can be used, mixed with Kevlar to form a shaft or can be used on its own to form a stick

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